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How much does a conversion cost?

It depends on what you want out of your car/truck. Electric conversions can run as little as $2000 plus labor. They can also run as much as $20k, plus. Please contact us for your wishes and we will meet them for you.

 Do you sell parts?

Yes, we sell parts and are working on our shameless commerce division. Please contact us for a quote on your needs. We offer a J1772 to NEMA 50 adaptor among others if you want to upgrade to the newer charge networks.

What if  want to do the conversion myself and just want a little help in a few areas?

We will offer as much or as little help as you need.

I have a hybrid that is not a Prius or Ford Escape. Do you convert other cars/trucks?

We can convert any hybrid to Plug-In.

Do you have customers that I can talk to?

Our customers include retired NASA Engineers, Directors of Alternative Energy programs at colleges, and regular Joes and Janes. Our privacy policy does not allow you to contact customers directly but one that has given his permission is owner of The Chicago Water Skiing Dog(you can Google him).

Do you offer services not listed on your website?

We are currently beta testing a Volkwagon Jetta that has been running on E-85 for 230,00 miles with no issues. We have also converted some engines to run on HHO with mixed results. We also had limited success with a steam turbine and other experimental projects.

How often do you do full electric conversions?

We are doing limited All-Electric conversions on some classic cars and high end autos. We are still adding battery power to existing hybrids, changing out batteries, converting hybrids to Plug-In Hybrids, Veggie oil conversions, part sourcing, engineering services, battery sales(CALB, A123), making custom lithium battery management systems, installing and repairing Enginer, Hymotion, and Plug in Supply kits. We offer consulting services for full electric conversions for the DIY er's and misc unique AC/DC related services.

We started full electric conversions when there was only 3 Nissan Leaf proto-types in North America. Please keep in mind that you can purchase an OEM Full electric car with a Full factory warranty cheaper than just the batteries cost to do a conversion. BUT, not everyone wants a cookie cutter EV. We realise that there are customers that still want a unique EV. We are happy to help though the tough parts or to provide a turn-key.


Do you offer classes?

We are currently offering a 3 hour class for $500 that offers instruction on how to convert your Prius to Plug-In.