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Lithium Batteries and BMS

Motors City Motors is proud to be the dealer of CALB lithium batteries in the Midwest. CALB lithium phosphate cells are the premier cell for automotive and energy storage. Rated for "3C", you can pull up to 300amps continuous and up to 1000amps(10C) for short periods of time(seconds). CALB cells are often under-rated. The 180ah cells usually perform and test at 200ah.  All cells come with a 2 year warranty. Contact us for pricing and a shipping quote.



72 Lithium CALB cell

20 ah CALB cell


100 ah CALB cell



180 ah CALB cell

Purchase 180 ah CALB cell


Price List 2018:


A123 cells 12 volt ANR26650 packs in 4S11P configuration = $390(44 cells)

A123 cells 40 volt ANR26650 packs in 12S8P configuration = $500(96 cells)

A123 cells 12 volt pouch packs in 4S3P configuration(20 amp/hr individual packs) = $390


A123 Hymotion 5kw Plug-In Conversion Kit = $3500

A123 Hymotion Install Kit = $599

A123 Hymotion Intall Labor = $500(takes about a day)

Rebuilt Hymtion Kit or repair = contact us for pricing


Enginer replacement DC/DC converter 48 volts up to 250volts = $600

Used replacement Enginer BMS = $100

Enginer replacement BMS with Mini-BMS direct plug-in = $450(1 year warranty)

Used Enginer 48 volt chargers = $150

Multi input voltage charger = $400

Elcon chargers = call us for pricing



Labor to individuals = $60/hr

Labor/consulting to OEM auto company = $150/hour/min

Labor to schools and Universities = $40/hr(donations possible)


Plug in Supply parts = call us for pricing