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Converting vehicles off fossil fuel since 2002

MCM and Ecotronics set a World Record and drove a custom made Electric Vehicle for 24 hours straight at the 2014 Windsor, Ontario Canada EV fest and beat the X-prize challenge!

MCM acheives an amazing 863 mpg for 119.9 miles at the 2014 Green Grand Prix(.1389 gallons of gas used). Independently verified!

Motors City Motors college class takes 1st place in the ALL Electric class at the 2012 and 2013 Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International Speedway. Motors City Motors also takes 1st place in the Plug-In Hybrid class with 101 mpg for 200 miles(continuous) at the 2013 Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen International Speedway(fill up method)



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Motor City Motors has converted over 100 vehicles including : Porsches, Fieros, Volvo S-40s, Even a 1969 Austin Healey. We can convert any car or truck. MCM has over 1000 Plug-In convesions and counting...

Motor City Motors has converted several vehicles to run on SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) including : 1984 300 SD Mercedes, 1982 240D Mercedes, 1986 Chevy Full size pickup with 6.2 litre diesel.

Motor City Motors converts vehicles to run on hydrogen.

All-Electric Conversion Porsche RUF 911EV

Porsche owned by Dr. Mark Shalinsky formerly of Harvard University




Motors City Motors is now offering Plug-IN Electric Vehicle conversion kits to extend the range on your hybrid battery packs or range extend pack for pure EV's. Drive up to 40 miles on electric only with your hybrid after this simple conversion. Does not void your original warranty. 

10 Miles $2495 2kw Lithium Phosphate

20 Miles $4995 5kw Lithium Phosphate

40 Miles $7995 10kw Lithium PhosphateComes with BMS system, 48 volt to any volt DC to DC Converter

Now MCM has access to new Hymotion Kits from the former A123. Also new kits and parts for Enginer brand and Plug In Supply. Boulder Hybrid kits can also be purchased and installed by MCM.  


Here now!!:

10kw Plug-In kit that will go up to 72 mph in All Electric for 20-40 miles for Gen 2 Prius.


Price is $10,950 installed.


Now for Green Racing. A 32kw Plug-In Kit. 2X what you get in a factory Volt.(rear seat removal required). Contact us for pricing.







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Have an electric car that is currently dead? We have employees on staff that can get you up and running. Some with 40 years of experience

We will help you with your project at any state of completion. We will convert any car. 



Victory Lane at Watkins Glen International Speedway with the All-Electric Austin Healey, navigator Nick Smith pictured from the 2014 All Electric class